How To Improve Your Home or Office Garden

Hang-A-Pot™ offers one of a kind pot hangers to transfer any surface in your garden and around your home into a beautiful vertical garden filled with potted plants. This aesthetic look exemplifies class and simultaneously creates congenial surroundings in your living or work space. We all want a beautiful home to return to after a…read more

Why Should I Decorate with a Flower Pole?

Have you ever potted beautiful African daisies, begonias, or petunias, only to have them wilt before summer even gets underway? Maybe you’ve made the mistake of planting your flowers too soon in the season and a late spring freeze got the best of them. Chances are, if you’re a gardening enthusiast, you have experience with…read more

4 Tips for a Successful Container Garden

Do you enjoy fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables but have limited space in which to cultivate a successful, productive garden? If you rent versus own your home, are you looking for a way to maximize your growing capacity of herbs, fruits, and/or vegetables in non-invasive manner that you can take with you when you move…read more