picketpot1The Hang-A-Pot™ clay pot hanger is beautifully engineered to catch the lip of the pot by gravity. The weight of the pot rests on the large angle of the flower pot hanger, thereby leveraging the weight against the surface to which it is attached. This means there is very little pressure on the screw. It will not pull out! Order your plant hangers today!


  • Attaches in minutes to decks, fences, concrete, lattice, chain link, wrought iron, brick, stucco, stone, aluminum screen enclosures, vinyl fencing, etc.
  • Hangs any flower, orchid, or herb pot (clay, ceramic, terracotta, etc.) with a lip, four to 10 inches in diameter.
  • Securely supports heavy pots with a fully-potted plant (in a stress test, Hang-A-Pot™ supported over 100 pounds).
  • Made of durable polypropylene, the material of choice for extreme hot and cold weather conditions, to create a strong hanging flower pot holder.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Holds potted plants securely in high winds.
  • Hang-A-Pot™ flower pot hanger “disappears,” displaying only the beauty of the pot and flowers or herbs.
I ordered a dozen of these to construct a vertical garden for my miniature roses and these work perfectly! Hang-a-Pot™ is the only hanger that keeps the pot *perfectly* vertical in a hanging position. And, I like that the holder is completely hidden once the pot is inserted with no hardware or wires showing.
Hang-A-Pot™ works great. They screw onto any wood surface, like a fence or post. I have them on the wood posts inside my shade house to take advantage of little “wasted” spots. After three years, they are still holding up well and show no signs of cracking or degrading from the sun. A really useful product!