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The Hidden Flower Pot Hanger

  • Transforms ANY surface into colorful vertical gardens of potted plants. Turn dull areas into wow! in minutes.
  • The professional designer’s choice for easy and durable orchid hangers and flower poles.
  • Featured in many magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Do it Yourself, Country Living, Urban Gardening, The American Orchid Society, and used by designers on TV Home Improvement shows.
  • Used in some of the most shared images on social networks.

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Installs In Seconds

Holds Pots Secure in Heavy Winds
and Extreme Conditions

Lasts a Lifetime

As one of the strongest garden pot hangers, Hang-A-Pot will easily support the full weight of a potted plant, soil, and water. Even heavy succulents and vegetables are no match for Hang-A-Pot. Combined with gravity, the big angle acts a lever, transferring the plant’s weight to the pot’s surface. Physics, a wonderful concept!

Lifetime Guarantee. Made In America.


Our Product Is Unbreakable

  • Designed to securely hang, 4- to ten-inch clay pots, terra cotta orchid pots, and decorative glazed pots with a standard lip and shape.
  • Securely holds the pot in high winds.
  • Made of durable polypropylene (used in space, industrial, and military applications) that is UV-protected and won’t get brittle.
  • Made in America.

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Great for small spaces, patios, or apartment gardening. Even use indoors!

Hang-a-pot Cedar
Orchid & Flower Poles


Hang-A-Pot Orchid Hanger and Flower Poles save space. Go vertical with your garden!

Create beautiful vertical gardens of orchids, herbs, succulents, bromeliads, or edible gardens of strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, etc. You can even use it inside with houseplants to remove toxins from the air.

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