Hang-A-Pot Easy InstallationNow you can have hanging garden pots virtually anywhere, inside or outside, with the Hang-A-Pot™ plant hangers from HangingGardens! From decorative fence flower pots to stunning interior design, the options are endless! Order yours now!

Hang-A-Pot™ Installation

To get started, put the hook end “up” (see image) against any reasonably flat, vertical surface.

  • Wood — Just screw them in, you don’t even need to drill a hole — how easy is that?
  • Drywall — Just as you would with pictures or mirrors, use a drywall anchor and screw.
  • Masonry — For block, brick, stucco, or stone walls, drill holes 1″ deep by 1/4″ wide, using a masonry drill bit. Insert 1/4″ plastic anchors and tap flush with the masonry surface, or use the Tapcon, commonly known as the “blue screw” (available at any hardware store; Tapcon sells the right drill bit for each size screw). It’s easy and will take about 30 seconds to install.
  • Wrought Iron, Lattice, Trellis, and Chain Link — The easiest way to install Hang-A-Pot™ on these materials is by using self-locking nylon ties (called “cable ties” or “tie wraps”), which are available in the electrical section of your local hardware or home improvement store. Copper wire can also be used. For wrought iron, be sure to affix the ties or wire at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical sections. Alternately, you can drill a 1/8″ hole in the iron and use self-tapping stainless steel screws (#8) to install Hang-A-Pot™.
  • Aluminum Screened-in Enclosures, and Greenhouses — Tap a small starter hole with a punch or awl, or drill a small starter hole with an electric drill. Then screw in your Hang-A-Pot™ using the self-tapping stainless steel screws included with your Hang-A-Pot™.

To install drip pans, glue a drip tray to the bottom of the pot using garden and patio adhesive, or any adhesive used for tile or ceramic, available at craft stores or hardware stores. Be sure to check out our gallery of hanging garden pots for ideas and inspiration!

Love these hangers!!<br/ >I have ordered from this company three times over the past year and received the hangers within a week each time.
Your hangers worked out perfectly for our project, and thank you for shipping them so quickly. I’ll definitely order from you again and recommend your product to friends and family.