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Create a garden of color on any surface: all you see is the beauty of the hanging pots -- flowers, herbs, orchids, or other plants -- with our invaluable gardening tool, Hang-A-Pot.

You'll feel like you're in Spain, Italy, or Provence -- without leaving your own garden!

What's Hang-A-Pot?

Innovative flower display -- hang pots of flowers on a tree stump! Hang-A-Pot (also known as the TerraLatch) is an ingenious device that allows you to hang your flower pots on any surface. It's easy to install (on wood, brick, stucco, wrought iron, lattice, chain link, aluminum screen enclosures, lanais, vinyl fencing, etc.). This pot clip hangs terracotta flower pots securely, and once installed, is hidden behind the beauty of the hanging pots. See more about How It Works.

What will Hang-A-Pot support? Any flower pot (clay, ceramic, terracotta, etc.) or orchid pot with a lip, 4 to 10 inches in diameter. Don't worry about the weight of the pot; the "hidden holder" will easily support the weight of a fully potted plant. (In fact, in our stress tests, Hang-A-Pot supported over 100 pounds!) See our Easy Installation instructions.

Who Uses Hang-A-Pot?

Gardeners and garden designers, herb growers, interior designers and decorators, artists, landscapers, home builders, even fence manufacturers use the Hang-A-Pot plant hanger for its convenience, ease, and beautiful results.

Looking for a gift for a gardening enthusiast, crafter, or home decorator? Hang-A-Pot is the perfect gift for gardeners!

Orchid growers in particular favor Hang-A-Pot for displaying orchids. Add Hang-A-Pot to your orchid supplies -- this orchid hanger will create more space in your greenhouse or shade house for your orchid collection. If you're an orchid gardener, see more on our Orchid Lovers page.

Have You Seen Hang-A-Pot at a Flower, Orchid, or Home Show?

We meet many of our customers at garden shows and craft shows -- you may have seen Hang-A-Pot recently at the Cincinnati Flower Show, Boston Flower Show, Miami International Orchid Show, Southeastern Flower Show (in Atlanta), Indianapolis Flower & Patio Show, or Maymont Flower Show.

Have You Seen Hang-A-Pot in a Magazine?

Many people have seen the picture from Martha Stewart magazine of the blue flower pots hanging on the wall. You now can also hang flower pots with our flower pot hanger, the hidden hanger from Hang-A-Pot.