Hang-A-Pot ~ The Hidden Hanger

  • Hangapot, the hidden flower pot hanger transforms ANY surface into colorful vertical gardens of potted plants. Turn dull areas into wow! in minutes.
  • Hangapot is the professional designers choice for it ease of use and durability.
  • Featured in many magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Do it Yourself, Country Living, Urban Gardening and The American Orchid Society and used by designers on TV Home Improvement shows.
  • Used in some of the most shared images on social networks.


  • Designed to securely hang, 4-10 inch clay pots, terra cotta orchid pots, decorative glazed pots with a lip and the standard shape. See 3 step drawing above and our customer photo gallery for the many pots it will hold.
  • Hangapot will easily support the full weight of a potted plant, soil and water, even heavy succulent and edibles like tomatoes. The big angle is a lever which transfers the weight to the surface…leverage and gravity…physics, a wonderful concept!
  • It will securely hold the pot in high winds.
  • Made of durable, polypropylene (used in marine, farming, space, railroad crossings, UV protected. Won’t get brittle in Minnesota cold or Miami heat.. lifetime guaranteed…Made in America.
  • Hangapots come in white or brown with stainless steel screws.


  • Transforms dull areas into vibrant color and life
  • Creates space for collectibles, orchids, bromeliads, succulents, African violets, miniature roses in greenhouses, on patios, decks etc.
  • Vertical, small space container gardening made easy for herbs and edibles.
  • Design walls to look like Spain, Italy, Greece
  • Prevents mildew and stains from pots sitting on decks, patios and porches

Creative ideas

  • Window box effect 3-5 pots under a window
  • Hang flower pots on shutters,bed frames, gates, old doors, pallets, sheds, trees, stumps….sheds, Anywhere! See our photo gallery for ideas
  • Pole gardens away from pests and pets. Change the look with the season.